Case Study

What started as an odd continental quirk has developed into a £1.7 billion a year industry. For the last two decades consumers have been assailed by multi-million pound marketing campaigns positioning bottled water as a premium product associated with purity & health. Although environmental awareness is higher than ever before, we are still a nation obsessed with 'premiumisation'.

Sadly, when we go out for dinner, we often leave our environmental awareness at the door.

We feel, in order to make tap water a true success, it's up to the restaurants to fulfill consumer expectations for premium drinking water. One of the ways this can be achieved is by the use of on-site chiller systems which dispense and chill, still or sparkling water of an even greater level of purity. Another crucial expectation is for water to be presented in attractive, reusable, glass bottles which we feel greatly adds to the feeling that what has been placed on the table is a premium brand.

  • Greenworks has launched the latest arm of the business installing a high volume system at Water House restaurant in London. Water House is owned by the charitable regeneration agency, the Shoreditch Trust and developed in collaboration with eco restauranteurs, Arthur Potts Dawson and Jamie Grainger-Smith.
  • Every aspect of the restaurant has been designed with the environment in mind, including the use of hydro-electric power and ambient heating from the Regent's Canal, hydro carbon fridges to reduce energy consumption, and organic waste management.
Arthur Potts-Dawson said: " Water is central to the restaurant, both practically as a source of power and philosophically as the source of life and regeneration. By providing water which is filtered and chilled on-site, and therefore not harming the environment, we are staying true to this theme".